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Hartzler’s Dairy offers a variety of all-natural, wholesome dairy products. If you haven’t tried our products, we invite you to sign-up for our newsletter to receive special offers, as well as product, health, and industry-related news from Hartzler Dairy.

Hartzler's Milk

Because our Whole Milk and 2% Milk products are non-homogenized, the cream portion of the milk rises to the top and you will likely be able to see the cream line. Because of this, our whole and 2% milk should be shaken before being poured. You can even take the end of a spoon and push the cream down into the milk before shaking. The cream is the reason Hartzler’s milk is a healthier milk product than most other milk brands.

In addition, because our milk is processed using a unique low-temperature vat pasteurization method, it has a shorter shelf-life than most milk. This is another reason our milk is more wholesome and better for you!

If you’re looking for old-fashioned milk, this is it. It’s our richest, creamiest product. Many people tell us this is the way it tasted many years ago when milk was delivered to their front door. On cold days, the frozen cream popped the tops off the milk bottles and siblings argued over who got to eat this “iced” cream.

In addition, whole milk is making a comeback as a healthy milk selection because milk-fat is responsible for nutrient delivery to the body

This is a good, flavorful choice for many families. You will see a small cream line inside the top of these red-labeled bottles. You will need to gently shake the bottle to spread the creaminess throughout the milk before serving it.

It tastes great without any of the fat. Look for the blue labels in your grocer’s dairy aisle.

Many folks have compared it to drinking a chocolate milkshake. We readily admit this whole milk, sugar and cocoa blend is not an everyday treat for the calorie-conscious. Shake well and pour to enjoy one fine velvety smooth dairy beverage. Makes great hot chocolate, too

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Hartzler's Butter

Because of the increased demand for Hartzler's Butter, we have had to procure another supplier of cream.  Hartzler butter is:

  • Locally produced
  • Artificial Hormone Free
  • Low Temperature Vat Pasteurized

    Our butter is sold in 2 pound rolls -- salted or unsalted. If your recipes call for 2 sticks or 1 cup then how does that convert? Check out this table for a cheat sheet.

    Cup(s) Tbsp Stick(s) Pound(s) Hartzler's
    1/3 5 1/3 2/3 1/6 1/12 Roll
    1/2 8 1 1/4 1/8 Roll
    1 16 2 1/2 1/4 Roll
    1 1/2 24 3 3/4 3/8 Roll
    2 32 4 1 1/2 Roll
    Our butter comes in 2 pound rolls salted or unsalted. Delicious for cooking!

    Hartzler's Eggnog

    Available November through late December

    Made with our whole milk, our eggnog is a delicious treat for the holidays. Our eggnog makes a great hostess gift for Christmas and other holiday parties. We also have fans that like to hide their bottle in the refrigerator so that they can enjoy it just themselves. Comes in a newly designed and dated quart bottle each year. 

    Enjoy with different mixings, even ginger ale, or in your coffee. Also, it makes great eggnog cookies! Let us know what you like to add to our eggnog here!

     Ingredients:  Whole milk, cream, sugar, grade A whey solids, grade A nonfat dry milk, salt, corn syrup, pasteurized sugared egg yolks, natural and artificial flavors, water, spice salt annatto, tumeric, sorbic acid, mono & di-glycerides, guargum, tetrasodium, pyrophosphate, carrageenan, standardized with dextrose*

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    *While we understand that the ingredients are not as natural as some would like, please know that we are looking at making some changes.  However, we do not want to jeopardize the taste and quality that people have come to expect.  So, please be patient as we strive for a more balanced product!

    Hartzler's Ice Cream

    Hartzler's ice cream is made from the cream that is taken out of the skimmed milk then frozen and mixed with ingredients for our home made ice cream recipe. Once the base is made, treats are added by hand to make our delicious and creatively named flavors!

    Currently available only at Hartzler’s Ice Cream Shop

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