Our Partners

These are the Farmers and Farms that we partner with to produce our products.

Health Professional Partners

Hartzler’s products have so many health benefits, many health professionals recommend our products.

“Many years ago Harold Hartzler looked down at his soil and saw that all the earthworms were gone. The chemical fertilizer was making his grass grow but killing the life in the soil. He was aware enough to recognize the truth a long time ago.  He began to let his soil heal and allow the cows to pasture. Now the Hartzlers offer whole milk that is rich in all the cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins and trace minerals our bodies need.”

Dr Tim Weeks - Whole Body Health Dr Tim Weeks - Whole Body Health

Why We Give Back

Why we give:

The Hartzler Family as a whole devotes time and resources to their individual churches and local charities. They believe that the biblical command to help care for others is not just a duty but an honor.

Their passion for local, sustainable agriculture and small family farms has encouraged them to partner with many other local, agriculture partners. They are thankful for the ability to share their time and talents.

Non-Profit Partners

Our Retail Partners

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