Hartzler Family Dairy

20 Years of Wholesome Dairy - Since 1996

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Hartzler Family Dairy

20 Years of Wholesome Dairy - Since 1996

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About Hartzler Family Dairy

In 1964, when Harold Hartzler made the decision to stop using chemical pesticides and herbicides on his farm, it was not a marketing decision.  He did it because he had witnessed the effect of chemical run-off on a neighboring farm after a storm.  It was then that Harold decided to farm only “as Nature Intended”. 

Today, over fifty years later, the Hartzler family continues Harold’s legacy of farming without chemicals or artificial hormones and including other local, family farms to produce high quality, all natural dairy products.

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Wholesome Health Benefits of Hartzler's Milk

While milk in general may seem like a simple matter, there are many differences that can be seen (the cream line of non-homogenized, the type of container) or unseen (the way the cows are treated on the farms). Hartzler Dairy’s milk provides many health benefits over milk produced by large commercial dairies -- the milk that is stocked on the majority of grocery store dairy cases.

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Hartzler's Wholesome Health Newsletter

“Many years ago Harold Hartzler looked down at his soil and saw that all the earthworms were gone. The chemical fertilizer was making his grass grow but killing the life in the soil. He was aware enough to recognize the truth a long time ago.  He began to let his soil heal and allow the cows to pasture. Now the Hartzlers offer whole milk that is rich in all the cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins and trace minerals our bodies need."  Dr. Tim Weeks